The Detox Diaries: Surviving Day One

Day one is essentially complete for my body detox.  My friends that have done a body detox have told me the first day is difficult, but I would say I passed with flying colors!

Once I eliminated most of the foods I normally ate (everything but fruits and vegetables) I began to see how hard it is to eat healthy.  It is much easier to open up a box of cereal than preparing a grapefruit.  During this first day I wanted to eat pretty much anything that crossed my path.  Food is like an addiction to some people, and for me, being raised in a family where both of my parents are excellent cooks, it is very difficult giving up a majority of them.

Here is what I consumed today:

Breakfast: One banana, half of a grapefruit, glass of water, Salada Green Tea (with purple antioxidants)

Snack: Handful of almonds, kiwi

Lunch: Detox fruit smoothie

Snack: Handful of almonds

Dinner: Stir fry vegetables and one sweet potato

I was disappointed at my choice in lunch.  I should have eaten more vegetables in the mid-afternoon.  I have found that it is hard to figure out proportions when eating vegetables and fruits.  It’s hard to figure out what fills me up.  The real challenge of today was having an outing with my friend. We went to the mall, and sure enough the store we wanted to go in was right across from the food court.  I watched my friend eat General Tso’s chicken, as I pretended my fruit smoothie was a plate of fried rice.  I also took note at everything that people were eating.  It was like I was Eddie from the movie Limitless, and I had just taken the drug NZT.  I zeroed in on everything that people were eating.

I completed my first day, and I am quite proud of myself.  I have always loved fruits and vegetables, so luckily this detox isn’t too hard for me.  Thinking about recipes is the difficult part.  I lucked out with my dinner consisting of sugar peas, broccoli, green peppers, carrots, and onions.  I added some basil for flavor, and I have to say it was very simple, filling, and tasted delicious.  I hope that I can create more meals like this throughout the week.


    1. Well thank you! It was tough, but I am glad I can stick with it. I hope that you will try it too! You can do a juice detox, that’s only for three days.

  1. Totes proud of you, love! 🙂 I think you are doing marvelously…especially in how you are handling wanting to eat every food that comes in your path (cause I completely understand that feeling! ;)). You can do this! i’m rooting for you 🙂
    ps. your meals sound fantastic!

    1. Thank you Rach! You are my inspiration seeing as you do this often and you always maintain such a positive attitude! I do want to eat everything, most importantly just the foods I normally would eat but can’t (like yogurt and cereal!!).

    1. I ordered it from this smoothie place in the mall, surprisingly the only healthy place to eat in food court (sarcasm). It contained apples, grapes, a banana and strawberries. Wasn’t sure how I felt about the grapes or apples in a smoothie, but it’s not really a smoothie since it has just ice instead of milk. Overall it was worth the five bucks!

      1. Mmm sounds pretty good. Looks like you did fine, if you can resist temptation at a food court I think the rest of the week should be a cakewalk! And I like the limitless reference, it must’ve been odd watching everyone consuming forbidden foods.

      2. It was! It did seem like that movie, I was barely paying attention to my friend, at one point she waved her hand in front of me, “Are you alright?” Food makes people crazy. I hope that the week continues on alright.

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