Wanting to Go the Distance

Sometimes you just need a sappy post.  Maybe my lack of sleep and the fact that I am coming down with some sort of plague is why I am all emotional.

My friend was on the phone the other day with her fiance.  They were having a normal conversation, but I could tell they weren’t going to talk for long.  This was probably one of their last calls before he went back out to sea.  Her fiance is in the navy, and they have had a long distance relationship since the time they met. 

I think any long distance relationship is different.  There are some couples that see each other a few times a month.  Others have to go long periods of time before they can get together.  I think that when you have to set aside a day to hang out with your significant other, or drive a long distance just to hang out for a few hours, or even visit another state for them, it is considered a long distance relationship.  Basically, if you don’t have the means to see them every other day, it is long distance (purely my opinion). 

My boyfriend lives in Philadelphia and I live about an hour away from the good city of brotherly love.  He’s finishing up college, and I am in my hardest semester, juggling two jobs.  We both have very busy lives. There is no possible way to talk every second of the day, nor is it feasible to see each other every day.  I think of my relationship as long distance, but when I look at my friend’s relationship, I really can’t complain, can I?

I hate hearing a girl or guy complain about how they don’t get to see each other every day. If you live and attend the same college as each other, you shouldn’t act like you never see each other.  It is that much easier to visit or get together.  You have the convenience of being in a close proximity of each other, so if your lives are too busy and you can’t see each other, maybe you should reasses your priorities. 

Despite those complaints my friend has to hear, I know that she and her fiance must be really strong.  To have a relationship like that, where sometimes you go months without hearing from each other, is a sign of true love.  Any couple out there who has a significant other in the service, kudos to you both.  I don’t think I could ever do that.

Every time I am with my friend, and she gets a call from her navy fiance, I have to smile.  No matter what mood she is in, her brief phone call or Skype chat with him instantly cheers her up.  You have to admire couples like this.  They still manage to keep their love and admiration for each other, even at such distance.  After all, they do say absence makes the heart grow fonder.

I think with relationships like my friend’s, and sometimes my own, you really get to appreciate the little things.  Even if you get to hang out for a day, or a couple hours, we would take that over nothing.  Sometimes it is hard, whether you are in a relationship or not, to be seperated from the people you love.  Sometimes even a day is hard.  Learning to cope with the difficulty, and having people near you who care about you, can help you more than you would ever know. 

I guess you never really know what people are going through until you truly get to know a person.  My friend has been there for me since my freshman year of college (even though I was a lowly freshman, and she was older!).  Once you get to know a person, and see them dealing with their hardships, you can really, truly respect them. 

“I am on my way – I can go the distance!
I don’t care how far – Somehow I’ll be strong
I know every mile will be worth my while
I would go most anywhere to find where I belong”

I know Hercules meant going the distant in a different way, but I love this part of the song, and reminds me of the strong relationships.




    1. Thank you for reading, and following! It is a big distraction for me too, especially on Thursdays. I know in a day I will see him, and I can’t focus on anything!

  1. I LOVE YOU MADI MOORE!!! ❤ ❤ You almost made me cry because it really is true. You would laugh at me (STORY TIME), but freshman year you-know-who came down to visit and was leaving at noon. I had a Biology & Chem exam (one at 8am and the other at noon). So I left my boo around 6am to get back to college to take my biology exam, and then I drove back home after that test to spend another hour with him. Then I drove back to take my Chem exam. Let's just say I didn't have time to study between the madness. I know, so stupid & nonsensical but, like you said, every second counts & you'll do most anything to spend as much time with that person as possible.

    I definitely appreciate the relationship that you have. I know a long distance relationship isn't easy regardless if you live a hour or 6 hours away. Just being away from the person that you love and makes you the happiest in the entire galaxy is difficult, and you have to be strong for not only yourself but for your partner as well.

    P.S. I just emailed this to a certain somebody to read. 😉

    1. That was a great story. That is dedication right there! Who needs tests anyway,they stink. A relationship like that takes getting used to, and if people had the option of seeing each other all the time they would take it. But, the alternative is not being together and why would you want that!? You guys are strong (and adorable) and that is why everything is working out! And aw gee I hope he can appreciate it! And/or like it 🙂

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