unfocused 8

Hearing you say that

Forbidden word,

That was meant for

Years later,

Is something I cannot ignore.

And I know you think

That my ears were clouded

By misfortune and

An evening fight,

But I heard it.

And recalling that

It had escaped your lips,

Is enough to make me

Swim seas and

Scale city buildings,

To tell you

That it is all

I ever wanted to



Fast-paced lovers

Melt into stone speckled sidewalks

Casually strolling,

Past bridges and street corners

Past cocaine remains and ground-in gum

Past children and chalk creations

Only noticing these small details

Because it is in these moments

That they are truly together

And, in

the same city.

Wanting to Go the Distance

Sometimes you just need a sappy post.  Maybe my lack of sleep and the fact that I am coming down with some sort of plague is why I am all emotional.

My friend was on the phone the other day with her fiance.  They were having a normal conversation, but I could tell they weren’t going to talk for long.  This was probably one of their last calls before he went back out to sea.  Her fiance is in the navy, and they have had a long distance relationship since the time they met. 

I think any long distance relationship is different.  There are some couples that see each other a few times a month.  Others have to go long periods of time before they can get together.  I think that when you have to set aside a day to hang out with your significant other, or drive a long distance just to hang out for a few hours, or even visit another state for them, it is considered a long distance relationship.  Basically, if you don’t have the means to see them every other day, it is long distance (purely my opinion). 

My boyfriend lives in Philadelphia and I live about an hour away from the good city of brotherly love.  He’s finishing up college, and I am in my hardest semester, juggling two jobs.  We both have very busy lives. There is no possible way to talk every second of the day, nor is it feasible to see each other every day.  I think of my relationship as long distance, but when I look at my friend’s relationship, I really can’t complain, can I?

I hate hearing a girl or guy complain about how they don’t get to see each other every day. If you live and attend the same college as each other, you shouldn’t act like you never see each other.  It is that much easier to visit or get together.  You have the convenience of being in a close proximity of each other, so if your lives are too busy and you can’t see each other, maybe you should reasses your priorities. 

Despite those complaints my friend has to hear, I know that she and her fiance must be really strong.  To have a relationship like that, where sometimes you go months without hearing from each other, is a sign of true love.  Any couple out there who has a significant other in the service, kudos to you both.  I don’t think I could ever do that.

Every time I am with my friend, and she gets a call from her navy fiance, I have to smile.  No matter what mood she is in, her brief phone call or Skype chat with him instantly cheers her up.  You have to admire couples like this.  They still manage to keep their love and admiration for each other, even at such distance.  After all, they do say absence makes the heart grow fonder.

I think with relationships like my friend’s, and sometimes my own, you really get to appreciate the little things.  Even if you get to hang out for a day, or a couple hours, we would take that over nothing.  Sometimes it is hard, whether you are in a relationship or not, to be seperated from the people you love.  Sometimes even a day is hard.  Learning to cope with the difficulty, and having people near you who care about you, can help you more than you would ever know. 

I guess you never really know what people are going through until you truly get to know a person.  My friend has been there for me since my freshman year of college (even though I was a lowly freshman, and she was older!).  Once you get to know a person, and see them dealing with their hardships, you can really, truly respect them. 

“I am on my way – I can go the distance!
I don’t care how far – Somehow I’ll be strong
I know every mile will be worth my while
I would go most anywhere to find where I belong”

I know Hercules meant going the distant in a different way, but I love this part of the song, and reminds me of the strong relationships.

Staying Drunk on Writing (Somewhat of a Celebratory Post)

As you are reading this, you must know that it is my 50th WordPress post.


Thank you, thank you.  I have been blogging since March of 2011, which to me seems so very far away!  I have definitely improved as not only a writer, but a journalist, and an individual.  But, I have still kept the backbone of who I am and who I will always be.

I thought about what would make a great 50th post.  I know it’s only 50, but I started out with a meager one-post-a-month a year ago.  Now, 54 followers later, over 7,000 hits, a Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr account to boost my ratings; I’m fairly satisfied.

Without anymore stalling, I decided to celebrate this mini stepping stone, and to do so I will enlighten all with the many interesting facts of Madi (that’s me by the way).

Let us begin…

I was named after the movie Splash.

I used to not eat bananas because a girl told me the little brown parts in the fruit were actually spider eggs, and they would hatch inside my brain.

I have three Pillow Pets.

I have a huge obsession with Winnie the Pooh, which I show with a homemade “Pooh’s Corner.”  I have stuffed animals, cards, Pez collectors, all of the books, puzzles, mugs, snow globes and paintings (I’m really an adult, I swear!)

I snort when I laugh.

I am currently reading A Game of Thrones, Franny and Zooey, Martha’s American Food, Dare Me, Shiver, Peanut Butter and Jeremy’s Best Book Ever, A Brief History of Thought, and The Consolations of Philosophy. 

I commute to college, and work part-time (even though it feels like full-time) at a library.

I love to meet new people, as long as they aren’t going to potentially kill me, stalk me, etc.

Lists are my friends.

I probably should be diagnosed with some form of OCD.  I am always organizing things, especially Colin’s room (which he never keeps clean).


Pigs are my all-time favorite animal. And manatees.

I’m really loud, laugh a lot, and of course, talk a lot.

I am addicted to coffee, and to fuel that addiction, I have a collection of mugs from a variety of places (I’m over 50 mugs!)

I want to be a reporter, work for a newspaper, and write for as long as I live.

Before deciding I wanted to write forever and a day, I wanted to be a marine biologist.  Then I got a C in biology….that career choice defused quickly.

I hate constructive criticism.

I am a girly-girl.  I wish I could wear dresses everyday.  Although, yoga pants would suffice.

I love my boyfriend Colin with my whole heart!  And all of my very close friends who read my blog and put up with my shenanigans.

I wish I could sing, paint, take amazing pictures, and could solve a math problem without crying.

I think I’m amusing.


“I’ll show you all that I am.”
-Rob Thomas

No matter where I go in life, I will remember these weird quirks and traits I have.  I think whenever someone asks me, “Tell me something unique about yourself,” I freeze up.  What do you mean unique?  What does that mean?  So, I tell the person what they want to hear, not the funny facts like I listed.  Some people are good at sports, others science and math.  I just think I’m a charming girl a majority of the time.  Someone who is always kind to others, even when they don’t deserve it.  Someone who loves to talk, and meet others who share the same passions.  But mostly, I’m a girl who loves to write, and even at 50 posts, I know I’ll never stop.

Cheers to those who have been here for me every step of the way.  I couldn’t do this without you.



She cast her eyes away from the train window she was looking out, and instead placed her eyes on her hands.  They were clenched together in her lap, right across her printed dress.

She twisted the ring on her pointer finger.  It was rusty now.  Its once silver band now looked like a light red.  The fake jewel in the middle looked back at her.  It was dull, and lifeless.  It was a simple piece of jewelry, nowhere near lavish.

He gave it to her last May.  She remembered walking through the city with him, hand in hand, when they spotted a booth that sold costume jewelry.  The lady at the booth waved them over, and she pointed out several rings.

“It’s like real diamond,” she said with a heavy accent.

He smiled at her, “Pick one out, sweetie.”

She glanced down at her ring again, and wished she could go back to that day.  They had been fighting the whole week, and things were uncomfortably tense.  Perhaps the lack of communication was a problem.  Maybe she was too moody towards him.  It wasn’t her fault, she was just upset about her pay not being raised.

Whatever the cause of the fights were, she didn’t like the effect.  Why couldn’t they work out these small problems?  She hated feeling unhappy with her relationship.  She hated feeling unhappy with herself.

The train conductor startled her thoughts by asking, “Where ya goin’ ma’am?”

She looked down at her hand again, rubbing the jewel to make it shine a little more.  She remembered how happy she was that day he bought the ring for her.  She jumped up into his arms, kissing his face.

“I love it!  It’s so simple, but I love it,” she had said.

She handed her train pass to the conductor.  As he punched her pass and handed it back to her, she realized to herself, it’s the little things in life that remind me he will love me no matter what.

Despite their rough week, he loved her still.  She was sure of it.

The conductor walked away, and she realized that the ring was simple, but it was a gift from him, so she should cherish it in every way possible.  She also realized she never answered the conductor’s question.

But it didn’t matter where she was going.  It only mattered who she was going to.