An East and West Egg Love

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Across the ocean I see the green light

My eyes peering through the darkness

Hoping for a day when our love can unite

And thinking it is more than blindness

Hold me until you see my train depart

Whisper secrets for only me to hear

I promise to be strong when we part

If you swear to rid yourself of your fear

Every girl will become a beautiful fool

But that is the best that we can do

Because we see the world and how it’s cruel

I know my feelings for you are true

But parties and gifts mean nothing to me

Only your trust of what this love should be.

After a Phone Call

Guzzling one last cup of

French roast coffee

And later,

Contemplating Fitzgerald

I realize there is a great possibility

That I may be in love

But these are things that remain unsaid

In the cracks of my body

Behind masses of muscle

And bones that hold me together

This space,

Holds all my precious whisperings

And the madness of feeling

So totally intertwined

With someone so far away