Frankenstorm Didn’t Kill Facebook (Although I Wish it Did)

Now that Frankenstorm has done it’s damage, it’s time to sit back and think about what we learned.

Wait, what?

You heard me.  I think that we can learn a lot from this storm.  For one, you can never be too prepared.  As much as you think that nothing bad will happen to you or your family, you can never be so sure.  Although my family was prepared, we never could have anticipated the water damage we received after the storm.  There were tons of leaks in multiple parts of our house.  We know now that we should expect that as a worse case scenario.

Something else that I learned, is being grateful for everything that we have.  We live in a first world nation.  We are constantly connected to the internet, our phones, our electronic gadgets, and electricity as a whole.  That’s why with a storm like this, people went ballistic.  I can’t tell you how many Facebook statuses I read, or tweets, saying “OMG NO POWER.”  The first thing these kids were thinking of wasn’t “Oh no, how will I be able to heat up food, or keep my food refrigerated ”  No, the first thing people do is update their statuses to Facebook.  Let me just quick scroll through the list of people that told me their power was off, like they didn’t know that was going to happen.  First, I would like to point out that this was a given.  We were expecting a tropical storm to hit, what did you think?  The endless virtual complaints angered me so much, I just got off my computer.  I was thankful enough to have kept my power.  It went off for about a minute tops.  So, call me biased but I think the complaining is ridiculous.  Your power will eventually come back on.  I know it feels like you can’t do anything, but maybe being without your laptop and cell phone is a bit healthy?  It allows you to talk with your family or friends, with no electrical interference.  Sometimes, good ol’ quality time can make the day go by a lot faster.

I drove by houses today and saw several uprooted trees, broken power lines, and a few slightly destroyed houses.  It really makes me sit back and realize how lucky, how unbelievably lucky my family is.  If a tree fell on our house, I know we would not be able to afford the repair costs, and I’m not sure how insurance works with trees crushing your house.  Also, if you really want to be thankful, we can look at all of the houses and cars that are destroyed, and lives that are altered because of this hurricane.  The places where the most damage was seen was obviously along the cost.  Some of these houses are either flooded, or destroyed.  Streets in New York were flooded.  Shore houses need full repair.  I think it’s a little sad that we are complaining about not being able to charge our phones.

It’s hard to compare a mountain and a mole hill.  But, I think with situations like these it makes sense.  No matter what happens to you in life, you need to learn to pick yourself up, and think of all the good things that you have in your life.  Bad things are always going to happen.  It’s all about how you deal with the situation.

I hope that the people who have damaged homes, or loss of power for days and days, will seek peace soon.  I surely wish that there was something I could do to help.  I think keeping a positive attitude is the one think I can do for sure.

Patching Up the Wounds and Still Bleeding Blue and White

After reading through a fraction of the 267 page document of the Sandusky investigative report, I have come to a conclusion: People will do anything to protect their legacy and fame.

Whether you live on the West coast, or East, you know what Penn State University is known for, and that is their stellar football team.  Stellar can’t even describe their football team, it goes far beyond that.  Football is a religion at that school, and it’s no question as to why.  Head coach Joe Paterno is worshiped, for he changed the way football was for that school.  Their school should be beyond proud.

I’m not here to talk about football though.  I’m here to talk about the report, and what information was released from the report.  Former FBI director Louis Freeh was hired by Penn State’s board of trustees to look further into the scandal.  Great idea, BoT.  Judging from the fact that you are partially to blame for the covering up of Sandusky’s incidents.  But, the Board isn’t solely to blame.

Unfortunately, this scandal involved several blinded men of power.  What these men failed to realize is while they were protecting their names and legacy, they were harming the children of our future.  And for what?  They still all had to face the repercussions, just 14 years later.  It’s like my mom always said: “You can lie about something now, and you will get away with it.  For days, weeks, months, maybe even years.  But at some point, you will get caught.”  She used to say that when she knew I was about to tell a lie.  I wonder if these men had heard the same thing as I once did?

What has shocked a lot of people, is that in Freeh’s report, Paterno was said to have failed in protecting the children.  He did not take appropriate acts necessary to save the children.  Neither of the “powerful” four were.  Don’t believe me?  How about reading the investigative report.

Somebody on my Facebook wrote that Freeh should be indicted.  Why?  Because he uncovered the truth?  It is written in black and white.  Nothing that was uncovered is a lie.  No one is out to get Paterno, they are only trying to deliver the truth, and sometimes it hurts.

They did what they had to do.  My opinion: If you disagree with the report, you are ignorant.

Does this make those who did not take actions equal to Sandusky?  No, but I do believe that they are close.

Paterno, Schultz, Curley, McQueary, Spanier, the Board, and University Police.

All of those men are to blame.

The same kid on Facebook also noted that his career is influenced by the Penn State scandal.  He is afraid he won’t get a job for going to such a school.

I say to you, are you kidding?

You should be proud to go to Penn State University.  It is an amazing school.  Whether you are there for its academic excellence, faculty, facilities, or football team, you should bleed blue and white; with pride.

I am sure no one at Penn State wished for something like this to happen.  I can also assure you, none of the underprivileged children of Second Mile wished to raped, sexually assaulted, and abused by a man they dearly trusted.  Shame on you for thinking about yourselves and how your life is affected.  What about the kids, now adults, who have to live with those thoughts?  They will never forget.

Penn State will be okay.  It will take time to mend what is broken, but always remember why you went to the school.  Realize that a bunch of men were too focused on keeping the integrity of the school, that they dismissed what would happen as the aftermath.  They thought they could cover this up, but how could they?  It is a shame that people with so much power, did so little…

We can only pray for the children, now adults, to have a peaceful life.  We can be at ease knowing that a monster is locked up in jail, getting what he deserved.  We can hope that this will never happen again.  And, we can move on.

After all, you are, Penn State.