The Detox Diaries: “It’s a Wonderful Life”

This is when I know a banana is perfect. You can see how speckled they are, that to me means dig in!

Today was day four in my body detox.  I woke up and felt a bit sore from running the other day.  Nothing a little stretching can’t do to solve those aches and pains!  I fixed myself a cup of Salada’s Citrus green tea with antioxidants, and this tea really is my favorite.  It’s not bitter, in fact it is quite sweet!  I had a gigantic, perfectly overripe banana for breakfast.  So satisfying.  Banana’s taste like grass, in my opinion, unless you let them get nice and soft and beyond the point of being ripe.  Just don’t let them go squishy!  I have found that a bruised, or squishy banana works very nicely in a smoothie.  You don’t have to look at the ugly bruises, and you have salvaged a piece of fruit, instead of wasting it.

I wasn’t feeling too hungry today, probably because I had butterflies in my stomach (I will talk about why that was later).  So I fixed myself up a light lunch of stir-fry veggies with basil.  Basil is so wonderful, and it works with a lot of dishes.  I have grown to like it in my stir-fry because it gives the vegetables a nice flavor without overwhelming the dish.  I chopped up some carrots, green and yellow peppers, and threw in some cabbage.  I have really begun to love simple stir-fry like this.  My father tends to make stir-fry a lot more elaborate than I do.  He typically uses sesame seed oil to flavor the stir-fry, which is heavenly.  I’d say it’s about five minutes cutting all the vegetables, and about another five or so to cook.  How simple is that?

After my lunch, I fixed up another mug of decaffeinated tea to calm my nerves.  I had a meeting for a potential internship for the summer today, so hence the butterflies. I knew I needed to eat and drink water though, because I didn’t want to be passing out in front of my interviewer.  The walk to the newspaper offices was about a mile, and it is in a lovely town called Doylestown.  The sun was shining, and it was a beautiful day for a walk (even in the most painful flats ever to exist).  I had to walk to and from the office building, and then take the train home, so all in all I had about two miles of walking.

The rest of the day went well.  I was getting a bit hungry at work, and it did not help when my boss brought me and a co-worker Kit Kat bars.  Sigh.  The gesture was sweet but sadly candy is not on the list for a detox.  I was very tempted to have just one (they were mini) but my co-worker was a good friend and urged me not to eat them!  Such a good friend!  He is another form of inspiration to me.  He went several long months without any type of sugar that is not natural.  That eliminates a lot of food.  I would feel bad every time a co-worker would bring in cakes or brownies, cupcakes or cookies, but he stuck with it.  Way to go!  I moved on from the Kit Kat incident and went on my break.  I had a granny smith apple which was not so satisfying.  It was very bruised.

Overall this day was a very good day.  I was glad I could resist urges that I felt through foods I could not have.  I was able to make yet again another satisfying meal.  And as an added bonus, I got the internship!