Dramatic Way to Support a Cause

At the Indianapolis Colt’s Sunday game, some of the cheerleaders shaved their heads to support their Coach who is suffering with leukemia.

While this may seem like a selfless act, I disagree with their actions.

I do think that it was generous for one of the cheerleaders, Megan, to say if fans raised $10,000 for cancer research she would shave her head.  Obviously, fans exceeded this amount, raising over $22,000 for research.

Another fellow cheerleader would also get her head shaved, and join her friend Megan.

Now, you would think the girls would shave their heads and then come out on the field to show the fans.  But instead, they do it on the field and make an enormous show out of it.  This was no doubt a PR move.

I think it is amazing that the cheerleaders got the fans to raise so much money for cancer research.  But I believe that by shaving your head on the field serves more as a form of entertainment than a charity cause.

Not to mention, both girls are extremely gorgeous and have amazing cheerleader bodies.  So by shaving your head you really aren’t losing much.  I can guarantee there would be less attraction to this “shaving head event” if it was a girl of average looks and perhaps not that great of body.

If you can use your looks to raise money for an important cause, then by all means please do it.  By making a huge scene out of something that should be respected, in my opinion, is not the way to support the cause.  The man did lose his hair, yes, but by doing the same thing to yourself on the field is no way to make him feel better.

It’s a hairy situation in my mind!